Canidae Dog Food Reviews: Everything about Canidae Products

canidae dog food products
Canidae Dog Food Reviews

Canidae started and has grown on the principle of quality pet food prepared by the best pet people. From 1996 when the company started, Canidae has remained an independent family-run company with a passion for quality in its products.

A key feature of their dog food, as you will see in our reviews of Canidae dog food, is the lack of grains in their main dog food category. The company uses only the best, highest quality and farm fresh ingredients. This ensures that the food produced is completely safe and provides the highest nutritional value to dogs. In addition to the grain free recipes, Canidae dog foods are made with the minimal number of ingredients. This is beneficial to dogs with food sensitivities and those with allergies.

Below, we have brief Canidae dog food reviews, detailing the different types of dog food available and the nutritional components of each. For any dog owner searching for the best dog food, our Canidae food review should help.

1. Grain Free Pure Dog Foods

Canidae Grain Free Dog Food

The Grain free Pure dog foods is Canidae’s main product line. It includes three products categories; dry dog foods or kibble, wet dog foods and dog treats. All these categories contain no grains, corn. wheat or soy. They contain 7-10 easily identifiable ingredients and are packed with essential minerals and vitamins that your pet needs to develop in a healthy way.

Dry Foods

The dry line of Canidae’s Grain free Pure dog foods is a favorite among dog owners. With kibble, you can fill up your dog’s bowl and leave it to eat at its own pleasure throughout the day. There is no need to keep refilling the bowl. Some recipes come with probiotics to promote healthy digestion especially in puppies, ill dogs and aged dogs. Other ingredients include meat, fish, sweet potato, chickpeas and lentils.

There are two ways you can feed your dog Canidae dry food; either dry or mixed with warm water. If you are looking for Canidae puppy food reviews, a good recommendation is to mix the kibble with warm water for easier eating and digestion.

Wet Foods

Canidae carries a wide range of tasty grain-free dog stews, rich in nutritional components and packing a variety of flavors to suit even the most picky of eaters. Ingredients include fresh meats, fish, legumes and sweet potato among others.


Treats are important to have around when you own a dog. Every so often, the dog needs to be rewarded to reinforce good behavior and discourage bad habits. Too often, dog owners resort to unhealthy treats that are loaded with empty calories. But dog treats do not have to be junk to taste well. Canidae has a line of grain free dog treats that contain essential nutrition components while also being tasty.

These treats come in various textures, shapes and sizes all aimed at appealing to your pet. Like other recipes in our dog food reviews, ingredients are kept few and simple.

2. All Life Stages Formulas

Canidae Dog Food Review

This is the other main product category of Canidae dog foods. All Life Stages formulas are prepared for feeding to dogs of any breed, size or age. These formulas are great for multiple dog owners. Instead of having to look up what foods are best for your dog breed, you simply have to buy one bag for all your dogs. It saves time and it saves you money. Even for homes with a single dog, these formulas are also beneficial. You no longer have to keep changing foods as the dog grows.

Whether you are looking for Canidae puppy food, age-specific food or breed-specific formulas, All Life Stages foods are perfect for your pets. Both dry and wet All Life Stages dog foods come packed with healthy ingredients including chicken, fish, rice, vegetables and legumes. No wheat, corn or soy is included in any of the recipes. Make sure you follow the daily feeding guide for maximum nutritional benefits. Here is a sample daily feeding guide for Canidae All Life Stages chicken and rise recipe.

Dog Weight (lbs)



2 - 10

1/2—1-1/2 cups

1/2—3/4 cup

10 - 25

1-1/2—2 cups

3/4—1 cup

25 - 50

2—4 cups

1—2 cups

50 - 75

4—5 cups

2—3 cups

75 - 100

5—6 cups

3—4 cups

100 - 125


4—4-3/4 cups

125 - 150


4-3/4—5 1/2 cups

* Up to Six months old
** With exercise

Canidae Dog Food Coupons

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, no one hates a good deal. With Canidae coupons, you can enjoy lower prices when you buy any of the foods in the Canidae reviews above.

The Best Food for your Furry Friend

You should never compromise on quality when it comes to dog food. With Canidae dog foods, quality and safety are guaranteed. Use the Canidae dog food review above to choose the best food type for your dog.

CANIDAE's True Story

Best Dog food for Labs: A Complete Labrador Dog Food Review

Labrador Retriever

​The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Like most other dog breeds, its diet should be based on natural and healthy proteins from sources like meat and fish. In addition, the best dog food needs to have a significant amount of carbohydrates and fat in it to provide for the dog’s energy needs. Good dog food for labs also contains important minerals and vitamins, which help maintain the dog’s smooth and shiny coat. For dog owners wondering what is the best dog food for labs, we have reviewed the top five most recommended dog food for labs on Amazon.

royal canin labrador retriever adult dry dog food

Royal Canin is often considered one of the best dog food brand for labs and most other breeds. Their adult dry dog food, formulated specially for Labradors over the age of 15 months, consists of everything your Lab needs to stay healthy and well fed.

The protein-heavy diet helps in supporting the joints, keeping the bones strong and providing for the dog’s energy needs. The presence of DHA and EPA (fatty acids) helps maintain a healthy coat on the dog. Carbohydrate sources such as brown rice, dried beet pulp and oatmeal provide additional energy for the often-active dog. Royal Canin kibble for adult Labradors comes in two bags; a 5.5 pound one and a 30 pound one.

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food

In addition to its dry adult food, Royal Canin also has kibble for puppy Labradors. This meal is formulated specifically for Labs between 8 and 15 months in age. The food is designed to support a rapidly growing dog, helping in the development of proper joint function and mobility.

To boost the puppy’s still-developing immunity, the formulation contains a range of antioxidants including vitamin E, Lutein, Vitamin C and Taurine. Special kibble shape and texture encourages chewing and eases digestion.
Royal Canin puppy kibble for Labradors is available in a 30-pound bag.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core is another highly respected brand, providing one of the best dog food for labs. Its grain free adult dog kibble is ideal for Labradors and many other dog breeds. The diet is focused on protein with rich sources such as turkey, chicken and wild game. In addition, it is packed with nutritious vegetables and plenty of minerals and vitamins.

Like all Well Core dog foods, no artificial colors or flavors are used. Additionally, corn, soy, wheat and meat by-products are not contained in the food. This helps create the best dog food for Labradors, which is wholly nutritious and balanced.

If you own a puppy, Wellness core also has specialized puppy food you can give to your growing Labrador.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food

When it comes to quality Labrador dog food, Blue Wilderness is considered one of the leading brands. Their adult dog kibble is high protein, making it ideal for Labradors that need plenty of proteins for bone and joint development. It also contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These benefit the skin as well as boosting the dog’s immunity system. Carbohydrates are sourced from healthy ingredients such as potatoes, peas and sweet potatoes.

You can get the food in different flavors and formulations including chicken grain free formula and duck grain free formula.

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

Dry dog food is one of the best food for labs because of its convenience and long lasting nature. But some dogs, either for health or just taste reasons, prefer wet food. If this is the case with your Lab, we recommend Natural Balance’s range of premium canned dog foods. Whether you want chicken, beef, lamb or liver flavors, they are all available. You can even get a vegetarian formulation. The stews use healthy energy sources such as potatoes and brown rice.
Natural Balance wet dog food is available in 6-ounce and 13-ounce cans.


​Labrador nutrition is not very different from that of other breeds. Like other dogs, labs need food based on healthy proteins and with rich energy sources. The only special thing with Labs is that you must be careful about weight gain. They tend to put on weight pretty quickly. If this happens reduce the portions and exercise your dog more. If weight gain persists, you might want to find a special weight loss formulation.

For most Lab owners however, the above list of the best dog food for Labrador retrievers is good enough. Check out individual recipes of each food to better understand the ingredients contained in each formulation.

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