Nutro Dog Food Reviews: Is Nutro a Good Dog Food

Nutro Dog Food Reviews

For decades, Nutro has provided some of the best pet food brands in the market. With an obsession for safety and a passion for nutritional quality, Nutro has continually produced top pet foods with numerous health benefits. Their recipes are based on all-natural ingredients packed with energy and beneficial nutrients for your dog. The Nutro brand is based on the principle of providing top notch pet nutrition at an affordable price.

To help dog owners decide whether Nutro dog food is right for their pets, we have written a comprehensive Nutro dog food review. Go through the various Nutro dog food reviews to find out which specific type of Nutro food is best for your dog. The foods listed are available in canned form, kibble or as healthy treats.

Our review of Nutro dog food also details past recalls to ensure that you are adequately informed before making any purchase decision.

Food Type by Formula

Nutro offers 8 different types of dog food formulas. Each of the specially formulated recipes is designed to meet a specific nutritional need whether it is a need for more variety or weight loss. Here are the different formulas.

  • Original Dog Food – This is a premium formula containing high quality natural ingredients and the right combination of minerals and vitamins to ensure healthy development in your pet. The main ingredient used is farm-raised chicken. Others include whole grains, zinc and omega-6 fatty acid.
  • Limited Ingredient Diet – for dogs with food sensitivities, it is important that they be exposed to as few ingredients as possible. This Nutro formula takes care of that by using a select number of special ingredients such as lamb and easy to digest starches.
  • High Protein and Grain Free Diet – for active dogs with sensitivities toward grains, this is the best diet. It delivers plenty of filling proteins without any grains.
Nutro Dog Food Review
  • Grain Free – if your pooch has grain allergies or intolerances but does not necessarily need more than the usual amount of proteins, this is the formula to go for. It is made using real meat and a combination of other healthy ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits.
  • Lite and Weight Management Dog Food – this diet is best for overweight and obese dogs. When using this formula, your dog will feel fuller without consuming too many calories. If you vet is worried about your dog’s weight and health, try this food.
  • High Endurance Dog Food – This is a high-protein, high-fat diet for dogs that are often in high-endurance situations such as police work or disaster relief. Two other special formulations are the Nutro Rotations to add variety to your pet’s diet and Nutro Farm Harvest which contains real farm fruits and vegetables.

Food Type by Life Stage

Nutro has foods customized specifically for different life stages; puppies, young adults, adults and seniors. Each food type delivers the required energy and nutrients for a specific age.

  • Puppy Food – made for dogs under the age of one year. Nutrients contained in Nutro puppy food help strengthen teeth and bones while also supporting the developing immune system. Check out Nutro puppy food reviews to find the best puppy food for your dog.
  • Young adults – development is still taking place at this stage and the right nutrients are crucial. Nutro dog foods for young adults are low in calories to prevent weight gain at this important development stage.
  • Adults – Nutro dog food for adults addresses various adult dog needs including a healthy skin, digestion sensitivities, energy requirements and bone strength.
  • Seniors – Foods for senior dogs are designed to keep bones strong, support brain health and boost the dog’s immunity.

Food Type by Breed Size

Different breeds have different nutritional requirements. Toy breeds for example tend to have high energy needs while large breeds need to develop strong bones and stable joints. Nutro has specially formulated recipes for Toy, Small, Medium and Large breed dogs. Here is a sample nutritional table for a large breed food. Note the many minerals included. They help support bone development and maintain a smooth and healthy skin.


21 %


13 %


3.5 %


10 %

Linoleic acid



250 mg/kg


250 mg/kg


2.5 mg/kg


150 mg/kg

Chondroitin Sulfate

350 mg/kg

Nutro Dog Food Recall

Nutro dog food has been recalled twice in its history. The first time was in September 2009 when small bits of melted plastic were found in dog food. The second time was in December 2015 when customers were warned of the risk of mold in certain dog foods.

Nutro Dog Food Coupons

As every dog owner knows, keeping your dog healthy and well fed is not exactly a cheap affair. But with Nutro dog food coupons you can spend less on dog food while still ensuring that your dog is getting the best.

Is Nutro a Good Dog Food?

From the above review of Nutro food products for dogs, it is obvious that Nutro knows exactly what dogs need and they provide it. So is nutro good dog food? Definitely yes. It is one of the best foods you can buy for your pet.

Whichever dog you have – large, small, puppy, senior, allergic, picky eater and so on – Nutro has the right food waiting.

Nutro's Official Video: Quality & Food Safety

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