Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews

For your dog to be in full health and sound fitness, the right diet is essential. The food they eat is not only important in giving them the energy they need, it also supplies them with essential nutrients. Natural Balance Dog Food aims to provide the right balance of formulas to keep your pet at its filthiest. Their catalogue includes a wide variety of flavors and special formulas. This ensures that no matter what your dog’s nutritional needs are, there is a perfect formula for him or her.

If you are looking for the right food for your dog, read our natural balance dog food reviews below to find out what varieties are available and their benefits.

Types of Natural Balance Dog Foods

1. Canned

Natural Balance Canned Dog Food

Natural Balance canned dog foods come in a wide variety of tastes to suit even the pickiest of pooches. They are perfect for dogs that do not like or cannot take dry foods. They are also recommended for pets on a special diet. For example, if you want your dog to lose weight you can get reduced calories canned foods.

Like any other foods you will find in our Natural Balance Reviews, the canned foods are prepared with great care and a priority for nutritional balance. Everything your pet needs to grow and develop is right there.

Some of the yummy canned formulas include Buffalo and Sweet Potato formula, chicken and sweet potato formula, Duck and Sweet Potato formula and wild boar and brown rise formula.

2. Dry

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Reviews

Natural Balance dry dog foods are ideal for all kinds of dogs including puppies, adults and aged pets. As you go through Natural Balance dog food reviews, you will often find the word Kibble used a reference to dry dog food.

Pet owners love dry dog food mainly because of its convenience. You can fill a bowl and leave the dog to eat at its own pleasure. It is also easy to store and lasts long without going bad. Natural Balance stocks a variety of flavors including Lamb and Brown Rice formula, Legume and Duck dry formula and Sweet Potato and Venison formula.

3. Wet

For dogs that have trouble eating kibble, a great alternative is Natural Balance’s Wet dog formulas. The main difference with dry foods is their increased moisture content. They work best for fussy dogs or those that have been prescribed wet meals by the vet. If your dog often refuses to drink water, wet food can help provide it with a healthy source of hydration.

As with all formulas mentioned in our Natural Balance reviews, you are assured of safety, quality and nutritional value. Some of the flavors available include Chow-Down Chowder Dog Stew Formula and Fish 'N Chicks Dog Food Wet Cups.

4. Rolls

Rolls come in a meaty form that can be chopped, sliced or grated. Packed with essential nutritional components, Natural Balance dog rolls are great for when you are traveling or training your dog.

5. Treats

These are must-have rewards for any dog owner. These foods combine great taste and premium nutrition to keep your pet well behaved.

If you are not sure which food to select from the above reviews of Natural Balance dog food, talk to your vet. You will be advised on the best choice depending on your dog’s health and behavior.

Special Natural Balance Dog Foods

Natural Balance also stocks a variety of special formulas. They include;

  • Grain Free formulas that provide plenty of energy without relying on grains.
  • Healthy Digestion formulas with higher fiber content for easier digestion. They are ideal for ill and aged dogs.
  • Healthy Weight foods that consist of low calorie formulas to help in weight loss. Look at the ingredient table below representing nutritional components in Natural Balance's Reduced Calorie Dry Dog formula. It contains 17% less calories than the normal Natural Balance dry food.

Ingredient Table:


18 %


8 %


10 %

Omega 6 Fatty Acid

1.7 %

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

0.3 %


330 kcal/8 oz cup

  • High Protein formulas, which are best food for puppies, lactating females and performance dogs that have high energy needs. High protein foods should not be fed to dogs with kidney problems and elderly dogs as they may cause health complications.
  • Limited Ingredients formulas to reduce food sensitivities while still providing the required nutritional value.
  • Vegetarian Formulas that are just as nutritional as meat-based formulas but with vegan ingredients only.

Again, we recommend talking to your vet for recommendation on whether your dog needs a special diet based on its health, age and mannerisms.

Natural Balance Dog Food Coupons

Keeping your furry friend well fed and healthy can be quite costly. In addition to vet costs, you have to ensure that the dog is eating the best food. The bill goes even higher if your pet has special dietary needs. Thankfully, you can get Natural Balance Dog food coupons to help you spend less while still keeping your pet healthy.


With so much variety in dog foods, it has become easier than ever to provide your dog with the diet they need to keep healthy and fit. Evaluate the various foods we have reviewed and determine which one is best for your dog.

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