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Can Dogs Eat Kale?

By admin / May 31, 2017

Leafy vegetables are considered mostly safe for dogs. Not only that, they also pack a powerful combo of vitamins and minerals that can do your dog’s health a lot of good. Additionally, they are low in calories and high in fiber, making them a great treat for dogs.Of course there are exemptions. It is important […]


Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

By admin / May 25, 2017

Spinach, kale, broccoli, rutabagas, turnips and cucumber: all these are vegetables that you can safely give to your dog. They are a delicious and crunchy low-calorie, high-fiber treat for your dog.Since all these vegetables are different and have a varying component make up, it is important to look at each individually. One vegetable can be […]


Can Dogs Eat Celery?

By admin / May 21, 2017

As you may already know, your dog is not a pure carnivore. Despite his great love for meat, he can also chow down different other types of foods including fruits and vegetables. In fact, if you look at dog food brands you will find many with fruits and vegetables as part of their ingredients.But don’t […]


Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

By admin / April 29, 2017

To humans, fruits are regarded as a rich source of nutrients as well as fiber. But the benefits of fruits extend beyond the human species. If you look at most dog food brands, fruits are common ingredients. They supply important minerals and vitamins to dogs.But not all fruits are safe for dogs. For example, grapes […]


Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

By admin / April 20, 2017

Most types of seafood is generally considered safe and even nutritious for dogs. In fact, many dog food brands contain fish to boost protein and Omega-3 content. So can dogs eat tuna?The obvious answer is yes, dogs can eat tuna just like they can eat most other types of fish. They like the smell and […]


Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

By admin / April 13, 2017

Apart from Christmas, summer BBQ season is perhaps the other time of the year when a sharing mood hits everyone. Backyard cookouts are open to friends and family and food and drinks flow freely. You may even consider inviting your dog to share in the gastronomic fun.But before you share that delicious hot dog with […]


Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

By admin / April 7, 2017

Maybe he went scrounging around in the bin and found a burger with pickles on it. Or maybe she was sneaking around the kitchen counter and snatched a pickle from the surface and now you are worried that your dog might be in trouble.Can dogs eat pickles and still be fine or should you be […]


Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

By admin / March 24, 2017

Moderation. That’s a habit that applies well when it comes to feeding human food to dogs. While a good number of foods we eat shouldn’t be fed to dogs, there are many others that are safe and can even confer various health benefits to your pup.But even for the safe foods, moderation is necessary. We […]


Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

By admin / March 15, 2017

If you have always wondered why your dog keeps trying to sneak his way into your cat’s food bowl, you are not alone. Most dogs seem to have a special affinity for cat food. You may even be tempted to just let your pooch indulge in cat food now and then. However, experts recommend against […]


Can Puppies Eat Bananas?

By admin / March 5, 2017

​Just as fruits offer plenty of wholesome nutrients to humans, they can benefit your dog too. Fruits contain fiber, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that can boost your dog’s health and energy.However, you have to be careful about what fruits you add to his bowl. Certain varieties including grapes, cherries and apricots are toxic and […]