Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

By admin / April 7, 2017
can dogs eat pickles

Maybe he went scrounging around in the bin and found a burger with pickles on it. Or maybe she was sneaking around the kitchen counter and snatched a pickle from the surface and now you are worried that your dog might be in trouble.

Can dogs eat pickles and still be fine or should you be calling your vet?

The Good News

There is little reason to worry. As long as he did not wolf down a bunch of them, he should be okay. He could develop some stomach discomfort but that is only if he has a sensitive gut.

Unlike some other highly toxic foods, pickles are relatively harmless. They don’t contain any chemical or substance that could cause serious health trouble for your pup.


This is not a go ahead to add pickles to your dog’s diet. It was meant only as a consolation if she snuck a piece when you were not looking.

It is generally not a good idea to deliberately give your dog pickles and don’t even think about making them part of his regular diet.

The problem is a certain mineral that, though not toxic, can cause some issues if the dog ingests too much of it. That mineral is sodium.

Sodium is essential in a dog’s diet. It is crucial in proper cell function. It also ensures that the dog’s muscles and nerves work properly. Dog food contains various sources of sodium including eggs, poultry, fish and meat. Some dog food brands will even include table salt to add to the food’s sodium content.

dog and pickles

Whatever dog food brand you feed your dog, it is very hard for him to get sodium deficiency. Almost all foods contain enough of the mineral.

Let’s go back to pickles. A single medium-sized pickle contains around 785mg of sodium. That is a whole lot of salt, an amount that you dog certainly doesn’t need.

So even a few slices of pickle will still deliver an unusually high amount of sodium.

While it would take a lot of salt to put your dog in serious health jeopardy, even a little excess is not good especially over time. It puts added stress on the kidneys and can aggravate the health condition of a dog already suffering from kidney problems.

In severe cases of excess sodium intake, you may notice symptoms such as tremors, weakness, comma, diarrhea and vomiting among other signs. It could even lead to death. These symptoms could be part of a condition called sodium ion poisoning or simply salt poisoning.

Best Advice

So can dogs eat pickles? Yes.

Should dogs eat pickles? Generally no.

Don’t worry if he snatches a slice from the dinner table. You can even throw him a piece when out on a picnic. But generally, keep pickles, sweet or sour, from your pup. They have too much sodium, they could cause a stomach upset and may interfere with the dog’s balanced diet.

One final thing to note. If the pickle accidentally found its way into his mouth, check that it did not contain onions, which could be toxic for the dog. If there were onions keep an eye on him and call your vet if you notice some worrying symptoms developing.

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