Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

By admin / April 13, 2017
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Apart from Christmas, summer BBQ season is perhaps the other time of the year when a sharing mood hits everyone. Backyard cookouts are open to friends and family and food and drinks flow freely. You may even consider inviting your dog to share in the gastronomic fun.

But before you share that delicious hot dog with dog, there are a few things you need to know. Specifically, there is one question you need an answer to. Can dogs eat hot dogs?

Dogs and Hot Dogs: What You Need to Know

When it comes to dogs eating human foods, extra caution is always a wise thing. Generally, there are three categories that define what’s safe and not safe for pups.

There are foods that are outright unsafe. In this category are things like onions, garlic and grapes. There are foods that are safe but only in strict moderation. Here is where most foods fall. Then there are the safe foods such as chicken and seafood though even those need some moderation.

Hot dogs are in the second category; they may not be deadly to a dog but too much of them can be just as bad.

What is in Hot Dogs?

What makes a food safe or unsafe for dogs is what is in the food.

can dogs eat hot dogs

Not all hot dogs are made the same. Keep that in mind when considering whether to share your hot dog bun with your furry buddy.

The cheapest hot dogs contain a mixture of meats whose origin is fuzzy. Not only that, they are also loaded with synthetic flavorings and preservatives. While a bit or two would not kill a dog, I would just stay away from them.

Good hot dogs contain whole meat which can be beef, pork or chicken. But they also contain a variety of flavorings and preservatives. These hot dogs are better but moderation is essential.

The best hot dogs are those you would get at your local butchery. They contain fresh meat and few or no artificial ingredients. These are great and even healthy for your dog though they’ll cost you more.

The main problem with most commercial hotdogs, even the good ones where you know what meat they contain, is that they are highly processed. As with humans, processed foods are not the picture of nutritious eating in pets.

Furthermore, commercial hot dogs may have an excess of certain ingredients such as sodium nitrate and salt. In fact, 1 hot dog has an average of 567mg of salt. That’s too much for your pup and can place various body organs such as the kidneys under stress.

Some preservatives like sodium nitrate have also been linked to cancer and other health problems.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? – The Verdict

Yes, dogs can eat hot dogs but with a big 'BUT’. Moderation is important. It’s okay to throw him a piece of hot dog but don’t give him the whole thing and definitely do not add it to his regular diet.

Additionally, check that the hot dog is not flavored with onions or garlic as they can be toxic for the dog.

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