Can Dogs Eat Celery?

By admin / May 21, 2017
can dogs eat celery

As you may already know, your dog is not a pure carnivore. Despite his great love for meat, he can also chow down different other types of foods including fruits and vegetables. In fact, if you look at dog food brands you will find many with fruits and vegetables as part of their ingredients.

But don’t go on a bender, giving your dog every vegetable you bring home with you from the farmer’s market. There are many specific vegetables that could cause health problems. Some are even considered highly toxic.

Today, we are going to look at one specific vegetable: celery. In particular, we want to answer one question: can dogs eat celery?

Low in Fat, Low in Calories

Unlike some other vegetables like onions or tomatoes, celery does not contain any substances or chemicals that could cause any serious reaction in a dog. In fact, they are quite a healthy treat for any dog.

Celery has two qualities that are beneficial to your pet: it has low levels of fat and an equally low amount of calories. One medium stalk of celery has only 10 calories.

So you don’t have to worry about your dog gaining any unhealthy weight. It also makes celery a good treat for obese and overweight dogs. Many veterinarians actually recommend celery as a weight loss treat.

Health and Nutritional Benefits

We have already established that celery is safe for dogs. But I’m sure many dog dads and mums want to know whether there are any nutritional and health benefits that come from celery.

To uncover the benefits of celery, we need to uncover what it contains. One of the major components of this vegetable is fiber and lots of it. A single medium stalk of celery contains around 0.6g of fiber content.

can dogs eat celery

Though it has no nutritional benefits, fiber is extremely important for your dog’s digestive system. It ensures everything flows smoothly without any holdups or obstructions within the gut.

Celery, like most vegetables, also has plenty of vitamins including A, C and K. These vitamins have different health benefits including boosting the immune system, strengthening teeth and bones and making sure different organs and cells are functioning properly.

Finally, celery contains several minerals including manganese and potassium which also have a variety of health benefits for your dog.

So celery is not just a safe treat, it is a healthy treat.

Amount and Preparation

Moderation is a word I keep talking about when it comes to feeding human food to dogs. It certainly applies even to a super-safe and super-healthy food like celery.

  • Number one: keep celery as an occasional treat and not a regular part of her diet. Her diet should provide the full range of nutrients and energy requirements she needs.
  • Number two: don’t overfeed. A few pieces of celery are enough, a full cup is too much.
  • Number three: to prevent a choking accident, cut the celery into small chewable pieces that are appropriately sized for the dog’s age.

As always, start slowly if this is the first time your dog is enjoying this treat. Otherwise, the question to “can dogs eat celery?” is an enthusiastic yes.

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