Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews: A Blue Buffalo Products Guide

By admin / September 20, 2016
Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

​Blue Buffalo sees pets as not something we own but as important members of the family. They apply the same passion, dedicational and quality control when preparing dog food as they would when preparing food for any other member of the family. In addition to quality, they carry a variety of dog foods, allowing dog owners to choose whatever suits their budget and needs. Whether you are looking for quality puppy food, senior food or the best treats for your dogs, you will find them all at Blue Buffalo. Our Blue Buffalo dog food review below will help you choose what to buy for your furry friend.

Go through the Blue Buffalo dog reviews, understand the features of each food type and decide what food will work best for your dog. If at the end of the Blue Buffalo review you still do not know what food type is best for your dog, we would recommend you talk to your vet for advice.

Dog Food by Life Stage

Dogs in different life stages have varying nutritional requirements. For instance, an adult dog will need more energy than a puppy hence its food will have more starches. Puppies on the other hand need a diet that sustains their rapid development and growth. This means ensuring an adequate amount of proteins and fats in their food. Look at the table below to see how adult and puppy foods differ. Note the higher percentages of protein and fat in puppy food.

Chicken with Vegetables
Puppy Food

​Hearty Beef
Adult Dog Stew













Blue Buffalo Dog Food

​Blue Buffalo has three types of food based on a dog’s life stage; puppy food, adult dog food and senior dog food. Puppy food is prepared to cater to highly energetic and rapidly growing puppies. As you have seen in the table, it has more proteins to ensure proper development and adequate energy.

Blue Buffalo adult dog food is designed to help an adult dog maintain its healthy body and cover its energy requirements. At this stage, it is essential to have plenty of fiber in the food to ease digestion and prevent excessive eating.

For senior dogs, nutrition is extremely important and Blue Buffalo sees to it that their senior dog food has all the necessary ingredients to keep your aging dog healthy. Additionally, the food contains a higher amount of fiber to prevent any digestive complications.

Each food you buy at Blue Buffalo comes with a feeding guide based on your dog’s age. Follow the recommended feeding schedule for the best results. If your dog has any special nutritional needs such as allergies or food sensitivity, talk to your vet for advice on the best Blue Buffalo dog food to buy.

Dog Food by Type

Blue Buffalo Sample feed Chart dog wilderness salmon

​So far in our Blue Buffalo reviews, we have seen the different types of food Blue Buffalo has for different dog ages. For each life stage – puppy, adult and senior – Blue Buffalo offers three types of food. They are dry dog food or kibble, wet dog food and tasty treats. All three types of food are made from wholesome natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors added. They start with real meat and then add other nutritious components. So whether you fill the dog’s bowl with kibble, give her a bowl of beef stew or encourage her with treats, you are assured that she is getting the most nutritious of food.

Blue Buffalo’s dry dog food comes mixed in with small dark components full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to benefits your dog’s health. Their wet dog food is inspired by home cooking to ensure the richest tastes and flavors for your dog. The stews are prepared from real meat and feature all-natural ingredients.

Finally, there are treats packed with tasty and healthy ingredients. Treats come in many forms including crunchy biscuits, chewy treats and meaty morsels. Whether you are training your dog or you would love to reward him often, these healthy, tasty and wholesome treats are a must.

​Blue Dog Food Coupon

​If keeping your dog healthy and well-fed feels a bit too pricey, Blue buffalo coupon can help you keep costs down. If you are planning to buy anything mentioned in our Blue dog food reviews, coupons will be helpful especially if you are working on a tight budget.
Healthy and Wholesome Food for all Dogs

As you can see from our Blue dog food review, Blue Buffalo has everything your dog could ever need to remain strong and healthy. Whether you have a puppy, an overweight dog or an aging dog, they have the perfect formula for your pet. Use the Blue buffalo dog food review above to start your search for the right dog food.

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