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10 Human Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

By admin / May 14, 2017

We all want to share in the joys of our favorite foods with those closest to us, including our beloved pets. But pets, and dogs in particular, may not always share our taste for certain foods and beverages. In fact, you may be putting your dog in serious harm. Here are the 10 human foods […]


Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

By admin / March 29, 2017

Maybe he went scrounging around in the bin and found a burger with pickles on it. Or maybe she was sneaking around the kitchen counter and snatched a pickle from the surface and now you are worried that your dog might be in trouble.Can dogs eat pickles and still be fine or should you be […]


Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

By admin / March 24, 2017

Moderation. That’s a habit that applies well when it comes to feeding human food to dogs. While a good number of foods we eat shouldn’t be fed to dogs, there are many others that are safe and can even confer various health benefits to your pup.But even for the safe foods, moderation is necessary. We […]


Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

By admin / March 15, 2017

If you have always wondered why your dog keeps trying to sneak his way into your cat’s food bowl, you are not alone. Most dogs seem to have a special affinity for cat food. You may even be tempted to just let your pooch indulge in cat food now and then. However, experts recommend against […]


What Can Dogs Eat?

By admin / March 5, 2017

Can Puppies Eat Bananas? Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? Can Dogs Eat Shrimps? Can Dogs Eat Pickles?


Can Puppies Eat Bananas?

By admin / March 5, 2017

​Just as fruits offer plenty of wholesome nutrients to humans, they can benefit your dog too. Fruits contain fiber, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that can boost your dog’s health and energy.However, you have to be careful about what fruits you add to his bowl. Certain varieties including grapes, cherries and apricots are toxic and […]


Best Dog Bloggers To Follow In 2017

By admin / February 3, 2017

If you are like most dog owners, then you know firsthand the obsession with acquiring as much knowledge as you can on everything dogs. You have become an expert at scouring the internet for tips and advice from the best foods to feed them to best training techniques to ‘should I be worried about a […]


Nutro Dog Food Reviews: Is Nutro a Good Dog Food

By admin / February 1, 2017

For decades, Nutro has provided some of the best pet food brands in the market. With an obsession for safety and a passion for nutritional quality, Nutro has continually produced top pet foods with numerous health benefits. Their recipes are based on all-natural ingredients packed with energy and beneficial nutrients for your dog. The Nutro […]


A Basic Dog Training Guide for First Time Dog Owners

By admin / January 27, 2017

​For new dog owners, dog training can seem like an insurmountable challenge. That is why it is always a good idea to hire an experienced dog trainer if you are not sure of what to do. But there are some basics you should be aware of whether you train the dog yourself or hire a […]


7 Must-Have Dog Apparels – A Useful Guide to Dog Clothes

By admin / November 17, 2016

​Dog clothes have become serious business. In addition to the fun and cute apparels that are common, some clothing items have practical benefits to dogs. Good examples include winter boots to keep their feet warm in the snow and life jackets to keep them afloat in water. As you stock up your own wardrobe, here […]

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