7 Must-Have Dog Apparels – A Useful Guide to Dog Clothes

By admin / November 17, 2016
Dog Cloth

Dog clothes have become serious business. In addition to the fun and cute apparels that are common, some clothing items have practical benefits to dogs. Good examples include winter boots to keep their feet warm in the snow and life jackets to keep them afloat in water. As you stock up your own wardrobe, here are a few essentials to get for your dog.

1. A winter sweater

Must Have Dog Apparels

The fur on dogs is meant to keep them warm when it is cold. But some dogs have a thicker fur coat than others. If you see your dog shivering or appearing cold when temperatures are low, a sweater can supplement its own fur.

Winter sweaters come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Take all the necessary measurements before making a purchase. This includes the neck, chest and waist. This will ensure that the sweater is snug and warm. As for the right material, wool is the best but acrylic is also good.

If you have a large breed with thick fur, be more cautious with your purchase. Most such breeds are perfectly warm without any clothes and a sweater can cause overheating.

2. Dog goggles (doggles)

It is not just humans that need protecting from harsh UV rays. Doggles, or dog goggles, protect the dog’s eyes from UV rays as well as physical debris. They are also great if your dog has an eye problem or is recovering from eye surgery.

When looking for dog goggles, size is one of the most important things. Check that the goggles will not keep falling off even when the dog is running around. Also make sure they are strong enough to withstand numerous bumps and falls.

3. Paw boots

It may look strange getting your dog to wear boots but they can be really helpful in certain situations. For instance when you go out for walks in winter, boots keep the dog’s feet from freezing. They can also come in handy when walking on salted roads, hiking along rocky trails and walking on hot sand or asphalt.

If your dog has an injury on its paw, boots keep it protected, ensuring it heals quickly without any complications. Paw boots are sold in a set of four and vary in terms of size, design, traction and level of warmth. Find out what is available in the market and decide which boots are best for your dog.

4. Dog backpack

For dogs that are ready to go on adventures with their owners, a dog backpack is a must-have essential. The dog can carry its own water and food. Make sure the backpack is comfortable and does not cause any strain on the armpits, chest or back. This is especially important for long hikes. Additionally, check that the load is well positioned and balanced so as not to cause any strain or soreness.

5. Cooling vest

During the hot days of summer, dogs run the risk of overheating which could lead to heat stroke. This is an especially big risk for active dogs that love spending time outdoors. A cooling vest helps keep temperatures under control. Different vests work in different ways. Some work through evaporation. You soak them in water and as the water evaporates, it takes away heat from the dog’s skin. Others contain icepacks to keep heat at bay.

If you are planning any outdoor adventures with your dog – hiking, camping, road trip and more – consider a cooling vest as part of your essential gear.

6. Life jacket

Another essential gear is a life jacket. If you love playing out in the water with your dog whether it is swimming, wading, canoeing, kayaking or stand up paddling, a life jacket is a must even if you are in calm water. Many dogs can swim but the current can be stronger than it seems and the water deeper than you can tell.

Make sure the life jacket has an easy-to-reach handle you can quickly grab if things get choppy.

7. Safety wear

Finally, get a variety of safety wear for your dog. This comprises mostly of accessories that keep your dog highly visible during the day and in the dark. Examples include an LED dog collar that can light up when it is dark and a reflective jacket for easy visibility in any light.


Dog clothes are not always goofy. Sometimes they can be a life saver. They will keep your dog safe while looking cute too.

Must Have Dog Apparels

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