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4health Dog Food Review

​4health is one of several premium dog food brands sold by the Tractor Supply Company. 4health dog food is based on a meat-first diet where the natural nutritional needs of dogs are a priority. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are then added on to ensure the best, most balanced and healthiest meal your pet can enjoy. None of 4health puppy food or dog food varieties make use of wheat, corn or soy in their recipes.

If you have a dog – whether a puppy, adult dog or senior dog – our review of 4health food for dogs below will help you make the best choice in terms of what kind of food you should buy. Remember to consider your dog’s taste preferences, nutritional needs and health situation when comparing among different foods. It is also a great idea to talk to your vet for nutritional advice and recommendations.

​Regular and Grain Free Dry Dog Food

​There are two types of dry dog food offered by 4Health. The first is regular dog food, which contains all the ingredients you would expect in dog food; meat, grains, starch, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and so on. But if your dog has an issue digesting grains or if you are looking for a lower calorie option, 4health offers grain free dry dog food. This variety is completely free of grains instead getting is carbohydrates from sources like potatoes. Here is a sample nutrients table for grain free beef and potato dog food











​Depending on how your dog likes its food, you can feed it the dry food as it is or mix it with some warm water for easier munching and digestion. Puppies and senior dogs would especially benefit from wetted kibble.

​Regular and Grain Free Wet Dog Food

​If your dog does not like dry food, try one of the tasty and filling canned stews offered by 4health. These wet dog food recipes are based on fresh meat as the main ingredient. The best part about 4health wet dog food is the variety. No matter what tastes your dog prefers, there is something for her. Available flavors include chicken, salmon, beef and lamb. In addition to the meat, the recipes have ingredients like rice, potato and vegetables.

Like the dry food, 4health’s wet dog food comes in two main varieties; regular and grain free. The regular type of food is ideal for most dogs. For dogs with sensitivities towards grains or those on a weight loss diet, 4health grain free wet food is ideal.

As mentioned earlier, neither the dry nor the wet food contains soy, wheat or grain. Additionally, both types of dog food use real fresh meat as the main ingredient.

​Treats and Special Formulas

4health Dog Food

​For any dog owner, it is important to have tasty rewards on hand all the time. 4health dog treats come in various tasty varieties including biscuits and chewables. Just because they are treats does not mean that they are not as healthy. 4health dog treats are loaded with nutritious ingredients to keep the dog healthy and fit.

For dogs with special nutritional needs, 4health has special formulations such as senior dog food, large breed dog food, weight loss dog food and limited ingredient foods for sensitive pooches. For dogs with bone and joint issues, 4health has specialized hip and joint recipes filled with minerals to support strong and healthy joints especially in large breed dogs. For performance dogs, 4health has high-energy and high-protein foods to meet the growth and energy requirements in these dogs.

​4health Dog Food Coupons

​You do not have to break the bank to keep your dog healthy and well fed. Use 4health coupons to get great deals and enjoy lower prices when buying dog food.

​A Natural Diet for your Dog

​The domesticated dog evolved from a wolf. This is why dogs still prefer a meat-heavy diet. 4health foods take this fact into account, making sure each recipe begins with fresh meat before adding other nutritious ingredients and creating a balanced meal for your furry friend.

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